About Us
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Mission Statement

At FIRE we are driven by quality.


Starting with the finest genetics sourced from around the world and ending with solvent free low temperature spectrum extractions.


Our facility is designed to produce the highest quality cannabis in the world, using advanced, environmentally friendly HVAC, LED lighting and organic living soil.


We are the stewards of the land and the community around us.

Why Choose Fire?

We strive to be an efficient provider of farm-to-table quality. We offer a variety of strains that are identifiable by the percentage of THC and CBD that they contain. We have built a trusted brand by focusing on building relationships and presenting products that are high quality and focus on the medicinal needs of end patients.


Our team consists of experienced professionals with many years of experience in the agriculture, business, farming and cultivating fields. We are committed to growing country fresh, organic products for the Canadian Market.

Where There’s Smoke…It’s Fire

Fire.ca and the Fire Brand is a Division of Central Prairie Pharmaceuticals Ltd.