Our Fuel
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What fuels us?

We source the finest cannabis and hemp genetics from around the world. This breeding stock of genetics allows for us to custom blend the most effective medicine starting with the plant’s genetics.


We are Canadian craft cannabis, producing the finest medicine with Canadian genetics, growers, and Canadian equipment and fabrication.

For Canadians by Canadians

Our grow methodology and equipment has been designed correctly from the start, solving problems common throughout the commercial cannabis industry. With our advanced horticultural knowledge we have redesigned and pioneered all of our own custom grow equipment.


We focus on quality over quantity to produce the best craft cannabis in the world. We make sure we have the highest quality genetics, growers and equipment from the start.


We have a farm-to-table facility, using local resources to help us strengthen the local community and provide high quality medicine and jobs. We use no chemicals of any kind and all organic grow methodologies. The water and air that leaves our facility is cleaner than when it came into our plant, having a huge positive environmental impact.